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Being a prototype supplier and working very close with Designers

     In the field of high precision gear production our position is very
     unique by being able to realise the new coming desings, ideas and
     be able to make own innovations.

     Expecatations that we face with the prototype of  E-mobility

     - Noiseless and much stronger construction or gears with very
         high ratio

     - Due to high motor speed (15000-25000 turn/min) the most
         suitable construction is the Planetengearbox.

     - Beause of the high turning speed the Planeten gearboxes must be
         made with much higher quality (old gearbox constructions in
         DIN Q7, new e-mobility driving system requirement is DIN Q4
         with evolvent and lead modifications)

     - High starting speeds indicate the use of very small module, but
         with extra face width. This way the temperature of the oil can be
         kept in hand. The other method of being able to support this
         decreased temperature is the polishing technology.

     - Much higher punctionality in terms of spline quality require
         grinding of internal and external spline too.

                                      Innovation, not imitation !
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